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July 25, 2011
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One day Foxxy Hooves and Butterscotch are walking in the morning in ponyville street.
-What a beautiful day is that, right Butters?" Asked Foxxy
-Yeah, a really beautiful day." Said Butterscotch
-Hey is that Sunset Rose?" Foxxy pointed to her
-Oh yes she is, she's looks so upset!" Said Butters worried
-Ask her why is she so upset!"
So Foxxy and Butters come to Rose.
-Hi, Sunset!" Said Foxxy
-Hi, Sunset!" Said Butters
Sunset doesn't awnsered.
-Is...something wrong?
-Come on dear you can tell us!
Sunset Rose said with some annoyed voice:- That not your business!
Butters and Foxxy are suprised no that, her friend said that.
-What is not our business?" Asked Foxxy
-Yeah, what not that?" Asked Butterscotch
-I don't wanna talk about it, leave me alone!" Said Rose
-But we're your friend, and we wanna talk about it, to find a solution to your problem!" Butters said
-And I don't wanna talk about it, and I don't know why don't understand that!
-But Sunset-Foxxy can't finish it because Rose breaked off
-LEAVE ME ALONE!" And Rose is going to home.
Butters and Foxxy were confused and suprised. Why Sunset Rose act like that? Why don't wanna talk about it? Why is she so upset? They can't believe that.
-Why did she act like an idiot?" Asked Butters
-I don't now, but I can't let her like this, I'm going to talk to her!" Said Foxxy and she heading to Sunset Rose's house. When she arrived, she knocked on the door.
-Rose open the door, please!" Said Foxxy, and Rose opened the door with that angry face
-What do you want Foxxy?
-Look we need to talk!
-And what about?
-About your problem!
-Why don't you hear that, I don't...Wanna...Talk...About it!
-But why? Why don't you let your friend to talk about it? If you tell it we can find a solution, but if you continue this, you'll don't be happy, to your friends are helping.
A little moment, Rose is started to think, and let her friend in.
-So why do you act like an idiot?" Asked Foxxy seriously
Rose sighed and said:- Because...
-Because what?
-Because a pony said that I haven't got any talent for art or writing, and he think, I'm disgusting, because I drawning and writing naughty pictures and clopfic, that why I'm upset! Said Rose with some hurt in her voice.
-But Rose, that just a pony! He doesn't understand your art!
-And then what happen if it true? Looks like you don't understand, so don't try to help.
Said Rose, and turned away
-Aaaarrggg!! Foxxy is really angry, because Sunset Rose don't really friendly to day.
-Look in to my eyes, and listen here Sunset Rose because I said that only once!
Foxxy shouted at Sunset Rose, who scared. She turned to Foxxy, who looked at her really angry.
-Don't let somepony to hurt your feeling, he doesn't know and understand your art! I bet, he can't drawn like you, or write! You're one of these ponies, which drawn, and write the most beautiful thing, ever!" Continued with some compose-You have a lot of talent to art, your pitcures are beautiful and your stories are fantastic! Your the nicest pony I ever see! You're not disgusting, you're a real beauty!
Sunset Rose is really suprised.
-You thing, I'm a real beauty? Why?" Asked Rose
-Why I think that? Because I love you Rose! Rose can't finised, because Foxxy kissed her on the lips. Rose is shock the first time, but she can't resist the soft and warm lips, so she kissed back. That was a long and sweet moment. They can feel eachother's sweet, soft and warm lips. And then Foxxy broke the kiss.
-Yeah, I love you." Said Foxxy.
Sunset Rose let out some tears in her eyes.
-Thank you Foxxy, Really thank you! Nopony can wish a better friend than you! I really love you too!
-Thanks Rose.
And then they kissed again, but that time, that was a longer, sweeter and warmer kiss.

The end.
Sunset Rose is really upset, because somepony hurt her feelings, and Foxxy Hooves is going to cheer her up.
Sunset Rose is belongs to :iconsunsetrosebrony:
Foxxy Hooves is belongs to :icontwilightflopple:
Butterscotch is belongs to :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:
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Not bad but it felt a little straight forward
Buttersc0tchSundae Aug 19, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Yay! I missed this one. :P What a wonderful story, mannner! You truly have a warm heart. :love:
Awww thanks Butters! That was nice of you.:heart:
You're welcome Sunset. I like write fanfics, and I think this is better than Ice cream love:Chapter 1 and prolouge.
MarinaFeld Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
For the record, I can't draw at all, though I am trying to teach myself some basic pony anatomy and posture.

That was a cute story, manner. Thanks you for writing it. ♥
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